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2.75" W x 5.625" H x 0.25" D• ABS Plastic handle• Steel contact point to shatter vehicle window in an emergency• Seat belt cutter with recessed blade to protect fingers• hook and loop fastener tape on the back to keep handy• Hole at one end to hang• Compact, durable and lightweight• Add to your vehicle glove...
Hands-Free Door Opener to Prevent the Spread of Coronavirus.- In Stock in Canada (blank)- Customs Color.- Laser Logo.
- Public health safety self-protection non-contact artifact- The subway handle- The elevator buttons- Order non-screen touch button- Hotel door handle switch
Open doors and press buttons with this metal touch tool. Use it to avoid touching high traffic touch points to reduce the risk of coming into contact with cold and flu germs. Includes a laser engraved logo. Lead times are approximate. There are many global factors including freight transit times, cargo capacity availability, export regulations,...
DESCRIPTIONYour must-have work accessory will be the No Contact Keychain. This keychain tool helps to avoid contact with dirty contaminated surfaces. This multi-purpose tool can be used when opening doors pressing buttons using the ATM and carrying shopping bags. Made from reinforced nylon. Hook shape designed to grab a handle and open doors....
This simple tool is specially designed to help users free their hands and avoid touching public goods.Suitable for many non-contact occasions such as pressing elevator button, opening a door, pull open the drawer and so on, it works better with gloves.
Sanitary Tool
Stock In Canada.
Stock In Canada.
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